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Combining the dynamic capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI),

the Internet of Things (IoT) and Computer Aided Facilities Management

(CAFM), InferSens is driving a global revolution in the

intelligent control of today’s built environment

With our many years of highly successful leading-edge technology development experience, and profound understanding of the property and asset management sector, the InferSens team is developing a comprehensive range of ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and IoT-enabled sensing capabilities, all fully integrated with our market leading CAFM platform to create end-to-end, ultra-smart solutions.

Our suite of AI/IoT enabled systems will include many game-changing functionalities, including:

  • Real-time machine learning analysis – and the resultant fully automated operational optimisation – of performance data for routine and reactive engineering, cleaning, security and all other FM services; always learning, always improving
  • Non-invasive monitoring of in-pipe fluid flow and temperature for the purposes of managing water-borne pathogen risks, regulating heating systems, protection against scalding etc
  • Predictive condition-based maintenance of plant & equipment – constantly tracking temperature, sound, vibration and other outputs commensurate with the operation of HVAC systems and other critical plant and machinery; learning ‘normal’ data parameters and alerting engineering teams through mobile applications to any anomalies requiring investigation and rectification
  • Granular energy & utilities monitoring, analysis and reporting – including main incomers, local distribution and individual items of critical plant and equipment, learning consumption patterns and intelligently improving/optimising usage performance

Plus, we have many more exciting applications under current development.

InferSens IoT Sensors

Through the development of our own innovative range of low-cost IoT sensing hardware, we are able to provide the following capabilities:

  • Unique non-invasive flow and temperature monitoring of in-pipe liquids
  • Pulse logging of up to 1kHz (1,000 pulses per second) for utlity meter optical pulse monitoring, and other pusle inputs
  • Air quality and gas sensing (CO2, CO, NO2, O2, VOCs, etc.)
  • Environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, light, noise, vibration, motion, etc.
  • Secure, automated Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates to all InferSens hubs and sensors.
  • Ultra-secure transmission of data to the InferSens cloud environment
  • A variety of long- and short-range wireless technologies to suit the demands of the client environemnt, including LoRa, ZigBee, EnOcean, BLE, WiFi, etc.

InferSens Cloud Platform

Hosted with AWS for true global reach, and industry leading security and scalability, the InferSens cloud environment is built on solid foundations of the very latest best-in-class database environments, each ideally suited to the the particular types of data, transactions, and relationships being handled across the InferSens application platform.

Each client is provided with their own dedicated, secure, environment.

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